FaithLast week, Lori wrote about the marvelous gift of faith that she received from her family. Her post stirred my own memories but that isn’t surprising.  Christmas in our household is a time of memory.  On the pie safe, we have the figures from my maternal grandmother’s nativity set; the crèche fell victim to a family of mice.

My maternal grandmother regularly spoke of her faith and her active prayer life.  I especially knew when I was in her prayers.  She read faith-based novels and got me hooked on Guidepost magazine.  Her jewelry included a collection of tie-tack pins including smiley faces, flags, crosses and angels.  She went to church weekly until she was well into her 90’s.

On the buffet, nestled amid the lamps and candles, we have my paternal grandmother’s Christmas angels.  I don’t remember this grandmother ever speaking to me of her faith and God, but she lived in West Texas and we lived in Eastern Missouri.  My time with her was much more limited.  I know she was Methodist and I know these angels were important to her, because she made space for them in her home.

Home was a four room adobe with a walk in closet off the back porch.  That was the only closet in the house proper although she had another single-room adobe building and a shed.  She raised three kids in this limited space and she didn’t keep a cluttered home.  If she kept these angels, they were special to her.

Faith comes into our families in a variety of ways.  Sometimes it is up-front and blatant.  Other times it is quiet and subtle.  But that’s what Christmas has been about from the start – both choirs of angels and silent nights existing in the same world.

No matter which direction your family leans (quiet contemplation or riotous praise), may your Holy Day be deeply Blessed by His Love.