Holy HolidaySeem a little early for a holiday post?  I thought so too until I realized that the craft and home blogs I regularly read are already peppered with holiday posts ranging from Thanks Trees and roasting pan giveaways to Christmas ornaments and themed trees. 

Then there are the warnings.  “Only 8 more Saturdays until Christmas!” and “How to plan the perfect Holiday meal.”

If you’re already rushing around in a kerfuffle or even planning your kerfuffle, I’d like to invite you to dial it back and think for a moment about the first Thanksgiving and the first Christmas.

The first Thanksgiving was a feast in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  I’m sure it involved a certain amount of planning and cooking and such, but this was a Puritan Thanksgiving.  Puritans were not the flashiest people on the planet.  They didn’t go in for the latest fashions or posh homes.  Simply put, this would not have been a Pin-able celebration.

Yet it had God at the center.

Before that, came the first Christmas.  Christ was born in a stable, a stable behind a full-to-capacity inn in a city crowded with people traveling for the census.  Have you ever been in a stable or barn that is more crowded than normal?  Even if it wasn’t nasty, it was bare bones, simple, serviceable.  Pin-able?  Hardly.

But Christ was there.

Whether or not your plates match isn’t the big issue.  The menu doesn’t have to be perfect.  You don’t have to knock yourself out over gifts, or wrapping or cards.

Instead take some time to walk outdoors.  Get together with friends.  Enjoy the things that bring you close to God.  Make him your Center.  It may not make for a Pin-able celebration, but it will make for a truly Holy-day whether we are talking Thanksgiving or Christmas.