Move Your FeetToday Pastor Carol introduced us to a South African proverb I had never heard before.  “When you pray, move your feet.”

According to this proverb, it isn’t enough to pray for change in the world.  You can’t just pray for a job, you have to apply for work.  You can’t just pray that the sick will be healed, you have to work for health care for those who don’t have access.  When you pray that the hungry will be fed, you should also pick up additional items for your local food pantry.

Sometimes moving your feet when you pray is very literal.  Last weekend, the youth at our church participated in the St. Louis area Crop Hunger Walk.  After passing on our monetary donation, we put feet to our prayers.

For a mile, we walked and drew the attention of homeowners, business owners and those driving the streets of one of the more affluent areas in our community.

Whether you literally walk to help answer prayer or pick up a hammer to build a home or bag groceries at a food pantry, move your feet and take Christ into the world.  It is the only way it will happen.