Perfectly ImperfectRecently our church hired a new organist/choir director.  We were blessed with a number of candidates, three of whom could easily do the job.  Who to pick?

One candidate had more experience and brought sheet music along for the ride.  Another was an excellent teacher, perfect for helping us improve our sound. A third excelled in playing the organ, vastly important given our cobbled together, quirky pipe organ.

Each had strengths, yet none of them was perfect, just like the people God calls to a variety of tasks.  Yes, you heard me.  God regularly calls the imperfect. Moses was a poor public speaker (give the job to my brother). Martha probably had a bit of a temper (make her help me!).  Paul started his career persecuting the Jews.

I think there are several reasons that God calls the imperfect to work for Him.

We are all imperfect.  If he waited for perfection, he’d have to do it all himself and that’s not what he wants. That would be easy.

He uses us so that we can grow in some way. Moses had to learn to lead.  For choir, I had to learn to get up in front of church without having a panic attack.

So often society encourages us to excel and to dominate.  “Be the very best!” Serving in an area in which you are not the best encourages you to be humble.

He wants us to work together.  Have you ever heard an amazing choir?  They sound that good together.  Each singer individually would not be so amazing.  Our gifts grow as they combine.

No, we can’t say yes to everyone who asks us to do something. That just makes our lives crazy and no one needs that.  But when God calls, it is for a reason even if it means overcoming anxiety or a weakness.  He needs willing hands and we need to grow.

Maybe we should think of it as a match made in Heaven.