1. Start with what you believe. In the case of the rosary, begin with the Apostle’s Creed. When facing a decision or turning point in life, begin by examining your moral code: What possible response is most in keeping with what you believe? Then, and only then, can you peacefully proceed.
  2. The Joyful Mysteries: Life will often be wonderful, amazing. Watch for it.
  3. The Sorrowful Mysteries: However, it will hurt sometimes.
  4. The Glorious Mysteries: In the end, it will all be worth it.
  5. The Luminous Mysteries: But most of your time will be spent in contemplation, puzzling the whole thing out. Life’s a mystery. That’s how mysteries work.
  6. You’re going to end up saying, “Pray for us,” a lot. It comes with the territory.
  7. It’s repetitive. But if you’re paying attention, it can be transformative, strengthening, reaffirming.
  8. It’s a lovely thing to embark on alone, but in the company of others, it can be magnificent.
  9. It’s circular: It all comes back around. Keep that in mind.