Last week I gave myself a prayer task – I wanted to try to see my small daily tasks as connecting myself to God in a meaningful way.

Initially, it worked well enough with certain tasks – watering plants, checking for ripe garden items and the like.  It’s easy for me to see God in terms of nature so any task connected to nature or growing things I can easily offer up and connect to God.

living in prayer 2I can also see this connection when it comes to feeding my family or doing something to help out one of the kids on my son’s swim team.  Nurturing tasks and God go hand in hand.

But driving in heavy traffic?  That one eluded me completely.  The destination, I could connect with God, but the actual driving?  Not happening, at least not yet.

That said, I did say a lot more small prayers.  I prayed for the kids swimming in my lane at the swim meet.  I prayed for the kids who didn’t win and a bit more for those who were disqualified. And the ones with the parents who flew into rages?  They got the biggest prayers of all. I prayed for the parents working as volunteers and the ambulance crew rushing past on their way someplace else.

I definitely prayed more often this week, and I do think that the overall effect was positive. Living in prayer left me feeling a much deeper connection to God. This was especially helpful when I received some bad work related news.

Normally, news of this kind would put me in a complete tail spin.  This time around, I was able to put the project on the back burner mentally.  When I did that, I could see ways that I could make it better, if not for this client than for someone else.

I can’t say that I handled everything this week with equal grace, but living in prayer definitely helped, and it is something I plan to continue throughout the coming weeks.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a way to connect even the tasks I don’t like, such as driving, to God.