lamaAs a mom, you often finding yourself doing jobs that no one appreciates.  And I don’t mean scrubbing the toilets or folding the laundry.

We are the ones that have to encourage our kids to do things they don’t want to do.  Sometimes this means doing their homework.  Other times its sitting through the church service when the other kids are outside talking.  It may be a service project or simply picking up after themselves.

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel worth it, this thankless, aggravating task.  For me, this is especially true when another adult criticizes me for pushing my son instead of just letting him “be a kid.”

But when you see him climbing out of the paper recycling dumpster because an elderly member of the congregation accidentally threw a book out with their newspapers, bussing dishes at the spaghetti supper, or working with one of the younger kids to pack a box of canned-goods, it is definitely worth it.

Raising the next generation is never easy but it is 100% essential if they are going to take on the tasks that God has for us all.