RosesAsk a group of Christians how to serve God and someone invariably brings up Gifts of the Spirit.  Gifts of the Spirit are the gifts that God gives us to use in his service – speaking, teaching, hospitality, healing, etc.

Gifts implies that these are things at which we excel.  Because we are good at these things, we have no reason to freak out when invited to use them.

Personally, I wish that was so.  I’m a good teacher but the only time teaching doesn’t freak me out is when I’m teaching a group of writers.  This month I am going to teach a group of middle schoolers about storytelling in nonfiction.  I am also going to start team teaching a class on prayer for my church’s adult Sunday school.

I’m a good teacher, but I’d much rather crawl under a rock than take advantage of either of these opportunities.  I’m a lot like Moses that way.  “God, can’t you find someone else for the job?  Take Aaron.  He’d love to do it.”

But the fact of the matter is this – sometimes you get sent places you do not want to go.  Ask Moses or Noah or Jonah.  They were all asked to do things that weren’t easy or fun or comfortable.

Sometimes we are asked to push ourselves in order to help someone else, but I think just as often God is giving us a growth opportunity as well.  What am I going to get out of teaching these classes?  I’m not sure, but I’m sure there will be something.  I just hope I’m not too freaked out to see it coming.

I’d hate for Him to think He needs to repeat the lesson.