Even among thorns, you can find Christ's love.

Even among thorns, you can find Christ’s love.

On Thursday night, Florissant Presbyterian Church had its annual Maundy Thursday service.  Eight members of the choir put on a piece of reader’s theater called “At the Table.”  In my mind, it should have been called, the Hope of Christ.

Each of us read a different part, playing a different person who doubted the part that he or she played in the Church of Christ. Can Christ truly use a woman with a past, a man who questions everything and loves to argue, a man who denies Christ when times are dire?  Can He?

In each and every case, there was only one answer.  Yes. Christ is for you.

Whether you are someone who has made huge mistakes in their life, wishes for less suffering for a loved one, debates and argues, would rather labor than study, or who simply feels that their role is so small it is insignificant, the answer is the same.

Christ is for you.

He isn’t just for the saintly and those who serve him from a throne or an altar.  He isn’t just for the learned or the cultured.

When Christ preached, He spoke to the marginalized.  The Jews wanted a warrior king, but Blessed are the Peacemakers.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t imagine the peacemakers were terribly popular with their fellow Jews.

When Christ healed, He didn’t focus his attentions on the high priests and those who handled the scrolls.  He healed women.  He healed lepers who were unclean and outcast.

He ate with taxpayers, drank water given to him by a non-Jewish woman, and rode a lowly donkey.

No matter how humble your background and how flawed your life, Christ is for you.  Who could hear that and not have hope?