I’ve been noodling over a picture book project about prayer for a long time now. Yesterday, I finally started actually writing it.

One of the things that I discovered are prayer trees. The image in the video below is a Buddhist prayer tree at a Tibetan monastery in Scotland.

Certain Siberian cultures also include prayer trees and there is a prayer tree grove in Trossachs, Scotland.

Each ribbon on the tree represents a prayer. Some are prayers for peace. Others are prayers for healing. Some ribbons were put there by someone praying for their own needs while still others are hung by those praying for others.

A prayer tree is a form of neighborhood outreach. It invites community prayer in a gentle, non-threatening way. You don’t have to come in. Just stop and hang and ribbon. Your prayer is important and it is heard.

Fluttering in the breeze, the ribbons are a visual reminder. We are here and we are praying, they whisper.

Simple and beautiful and so very true.


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