Lots of folks I know are grappling with hard times. Every night my phone rings with prayer requests. What I wouldn’t give for a truly “nothing” day, a day when all is at rest, when newscasters scramble for material, and people say, “I’m fine,” and mean it. Perhaps you, too, are feeling this way?

Here is a blessing for better — and duller — times. Those who need them know what I mean.

Blessed be to God for the plainest of days,

when God in His heaven allows no surprises.

When tedium trumps terror,

and everyone holds it together,

at least for one more day.

The day we do not learn

of suffering in the world,

of diseases in the living,

of tumult, chaos, bedlam.

A day of mouths open

to feed and yawn and not to scream.

Oh! For one, single,

endless summer afternoon —

the kind children carp about,

not seeing the gift of innocuous time.

Blessed be the days of no particular note,

each falling, silent, a leaf from a sacred tree.