What a week! Between the ravages of Sandy and the contentious election — just over half of the country is jubilant, the rest bitter — what we would seem most to need is a good nap. Unfortunately, there’s no rest for the wicked or weary…or for bloggers, for that matter. I sat down with pen and paper in an effort to write something of meaning. This is what came to me.

We are not owed, we are owing.

Born to contradictions day and night,

to fall down, to suffer,

to lament, to be rained on

and crawl out of the muck

panting and straining but alive

and more in love with life than ever.

Over and over we rise —

phoenixes, miracles.

The heart does not fail.

Love does not fail.

God does not fail.

Whatever you are dealing with this week, I wish you the balm of kindness, mercy and love. Try to be good to others. You never know what they are facing.