Some people seem to want a God who can dance on the head of a pin. A God so tiny, you can stash Him in your pocket. A wee God; a pint-sized, shrunk-down, button of a God. Such Gods are comforting. You can wrap your head around them. Heck, you can wrap your finger around them.

How does God get so small? We make Him so. We shrink him down every time we suppose to have Him all figured out. “God is on the side of This Politician.” “God loves America best.” “God only wants Christians in Heaven.”

Look out a window. As vast as the world is, God is more so. Look at the sky at night. As immense as the solar system, the universe is, God is greater. We cannot possibly, in our human limitedness, fathom even a small percentage of what God is. So why do we think we know Him so well? Why are we so certain of His likes and dislikes, His preferences in skin color or religious denomination?

Well, one might say, there’s the Bible. And God is certainly there. But not all of Him. God cannot be crammed into a book, cannot be constrained between two covers. Books are written for human audiences, and again, we fail on this front. We must be approached in ways we understand. In small ways.

Surely we can know God by His representatives, those He sent to us. Jesus taught us quite a bit of what we need to know about God. What are those things? Love, first and foremost. Forgiveness, mercy, kindness, acceptance, peace, humility and —above all — reverence and honor for God, even above societal mores, even above the law.

So to those who would make God small, we must offer resistance. Even when those entities are governments or religions, we must offer resistance. Because God is no one’s puppet. Fools like me will continually try to apprehend Him, only to see Him exceed our grasp. So why not let God be big? When we give up trying to pin Him down, only then can we hope to glimpse Him.