Last week was just one of those weeks. It wasn’t awful, but why couldn’t I have just two days without someone rearranging my schedule? I had deadlines and every time I’d come up with a new plan of action, the phone would ring or someone would toss their cookies.

I’m incredibly goal oriented, so this was making me more than a little nuts. Finally I toppled over the edge. Tantrums in adults are no lovelier than tantrums in children.

Saturday morning I managed to get out of the house to help a friend in the church library. We’d get something accomplished, chat, drink coffee and snack. Just what I needed!

I got there before she did.  As I waited, I found myself pacing up and down the hallway, my monkey mind bouncing from one thing that had happened this week to another. I need a break! Why can’t I just get a break? What I should do is pray. Why is everyone so self-centered? Why don’t they ever think about what I need? Prayer isn’t going to help that. But I should pray.

I’m sure I had to hear it several times before that still small voice really got through the clamor in my mind and heart.

In the sanctuary, I didn’t turn on any lights but walked down the main aisle listening to the building pop and creak around me. Settling into a pew, I bent my head to pray. “I can’t deal with all of this. Do something!”

There was no verbal response, but as I prayed, I felt my heartbeat slow. My breathing calmed. The monkeys in my mind quieted down. It only took a few minutes but my mood was entirely different.

The next time you get trapped in a negative mental loop, take the time to pray. I’m not saying its going to be easy. After all, your monkey mind will be busy telling you how overwhelmed you are. It is so hard to hear anything else.

Take yourself to someplace quiet. Again, this may not be easy but its only going to take a few minutes. An empty stairwell can work just as well as a sanctuary. You just need to be someplace quiet. Then pray. Don’t worry about eloquence. Just tell God what is wrong – you feel overwhelmed or angry or seriously ticked off.  You need it to end now.  And the only thing that can solve it is Him.

Turn to Him. Draw on His Peace. It will fill you. All you have to do is ask.