Recently, a friend sent me a message. She had heard about an alternative to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Unlike the BSA, this new group is inclusive. Maybe we would be interested.

Maybe we will be involved in this organization one day, but for now we are going to continue to take part in the BSA. Why? Because there are boys and their parents in Scouting who need us.

Why? Because my family supports inclusion in marriage, in scouting and in society in general. Yes, we can and do read the Bible. We can even point out the verses that are used to discriminate against gays.

That said, we can also point out the verses that were used historically to support slavery and deny women civil rights. Eventually, the policies supporting these injustices were reversed, because of people like the Persistent Widow. The Persistent Widow brought her case before the Unjust Judge time and time again. She brought it to him so often that he finally made sure that she had the justice she had so long demanded.

We will stay in Scouting and we will make our demands again and again because there are boys in Scouting who are gay. There are boys in Scouting with gay parents. With so much hate speech in this world, there are boys in Scouting who need the support of people who recognize that they are a part of God’s creation and that He loves them as they are.

This is the message that we will repeat persistently.