It’s not a good thing for any writer to admit, but sometimes words escape me.

Like SueBE and her friends, last week really brought me to my knees.  Many times.  And not just in prayer.  Sometimes from being buckled over in pain, both physical and emotional.

Lori has written before about being mad at God, and even those of us who practice prayer as a way of life can reach a point of critical mass.  Nobody can issue an ultimatum to God, but I had to say it.

Give a girl a break, wouldja huh?

Not the most eloquent prayer in the world, no.  But it was exactly how I felt.  It wasn’t specific, no.  But it was truly, deeply from the heart.

There’s a song I turn to when I feel there’s nowhere to turn.  It’s called, “I Love the Lord.”  Somehow I feel that even if God and I are not currently on speaking terms (He knows what He did! Hmph!),  I can always keep the line open by listening to this song.

Oddly enough, this song is based on the exact passage that SueBE quoted in her post this week.

This is the song I listen to when I really need solace and sustenance.  It’s as close as you can get to prayer without actually being there.