Only days ago, scientists discovered a brand new particle, the Higgs boson. (Wait! Don’t stop reading! The mind-blowing stuff is coming!) I won’t try to explain the boson or its importance — that would require a far greater mind, like SueBE’s — but it did get me thinking.

Just in the last year, explorers and scientists have located several new species of insects and animals. New! Never before seen! And we’ve been on this Earth for thousands of years! Wrap your brain around that. Now wrap it around this: What if our provident and benevolent God already gave us everything we need to be happy? And not just us — everybody.

What if it’s all here — all the resources, energy, everything for every living creature to live a full, happy life on this planet?  The cure to all disease, the source of gainful employment, all that any of us could possibly need….here and just waiting for us to find it.

Think of the world as a trillion-piece puzzle or the toughest scavenger hunt ever. If everything we need to be content and successful as a species is already present, what do we need to do to about it? For a start, we need collaboration, communication and cooperation…and one more “c”, curiosity. We have to be willing to look beyond our own small, constrained existences and work together to fit the pieces into place.

We also need to change our attitudes. Completing the puzzle of the universe will involve a good deal of sharing — of food, ideas, labor. It will also require a reverence for knowledge. This includes knowledge of all kinds, from how to till soil to how to build a Hadron Collider. We must extinguish the petty prejudice that learning is somehow too high-falutin’; that smart people think “they’re better than us.” It is, in this situation, the opposite. All wisdom is needed, and we all have something to give. You may hold a key piece of the puzzle and not even know it.

Furthermore, what if working together to create a perfect, just world is the reason we were all put here? And what if some of the things that we think are terribly important are merely distractions? Worst of all, what if we’ve already destroyed some pieces of the puzzle through our own selfishness and shortsightedness? What then?

It will take greater ingenuity, and every one of us working together, to fix what we have broken and solve the mystery God has left us in plain sight. And, most of all, it will take willingness. Are you willing? Then spread the word. It’s going to take a whole lot of humanpower to solve this puzzle.