As a Freelance Writer (and in my prior incarnation as an administrative assistant) I’ve had a lot of bosses (and bossy people) in my life, but I always keep one important thing in mind. I’m on God’s payroll.  Together, we’re a team.

Now, this doesn’t give me carte blanche to say to the earthly powers-that-be, “Go talk to the Big Guy.  I only take orders from Him.”  But it does keep things in perspective when anybody in my life tries to pull rank.


As Mr. T. used to say, “I pity the fool.”

There’s only one rank at the end of the day.  We’re all flesh and blood. We’re all human beings.  We’re all somebody’s child.

So we’re all equal.  Theoretically, anyway.  Then why is it that some people naturally step into the role of Mr. or Mrs. Bossypants when nobody actually designated them as such?

Depending on the degree of bossiness, this trait can be positive and inspire others, or it can be negative and make people resentful.

But one thing I’ve learned is that a true leader never demoralizes the troops.  She doesn’t need to yell or point fingers or hassle her charges into getting work done.  Her job is to hire capable staff and to facilitate the project. After all, when people are made to feel like they have no voice and no choice, they tend not to do a good job.  Lifting people up on the job makes them feel like they’re part of the team.

So just a gentle reminder to all those who are in charge – or think they are – at home, at the office, in the field.  Everybody reports to somebody.  Just remember Who’s really running things.