A while ago I wrote a post on Science vs Religion because I was astonished that people don’t think you can be both Christian and a science geek. Last week I got the chance to live this reality when I attended a Bible study.

“Even scientists are finally starting to believe in the Bible.” That was it. Someone, as far as I was concerned, had just thrown down the gauntlet. My hand shot into the air.

“Why do so many people think that you can’t believe both? Have you asked individual scientists? Point blank asked?”

No, she hadn’t. But she was sure this was a fact.

Okay, if you’ve known me for more than 5 minutes, you know I am a total geek. I’m so logical that my family calls me Bones. What this means is that when people pass opinion off as fact, it makes me a little nutty. Given the fact that I am a Christian and have a background in science, I know that someone can be believe in both God and science in general and evolution in particular.

In no particular order, here are the points that I made:
1. Universities were originally affiliated with the Church. Churchmen studied science and scientists studied theology.
2. Darwin had a degree in theology.
3. Darwin’s wife was devout.
4. Darwin actually waffled about publishing his findings because he knew that many believers would take issue and it might shake their faith.
5. Genesis does not present a how-to on universe building. Not sure about that? Compare the “instructions”on universe building (Genesis 1 – 2:3) with those for the Tabernacle (Exodus 26:1-36).
6. Even if God had given specifics on how the universe came to be, how much of it would we have comprehended enough to write down? (Hint: And then there was light . . .)

Join the ranks of Christians who are also science geeks. In addition to myself, here are a few names you may recognize:
Leonardo daVinci
Gallileo Galilei
Isaac Newton
Johannes Kepler
Gregor Mendel
Max Planck
Charles Darwin
Enrico Fermi

Don’t make assumptions about what scientists say or believe. Instead, ask questions. Read. Study. And, of course, pray. You may be surprised by the answers.