Pentecost is a time for us to examine the Holy Spirit at work in our lives today.
I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time spotting the Spirit in my life. I think that a big part of this is because when I think about people moved by the spirit, I think about people doing big things – Mother Theresa, Bishop Desmond Tutu.

But every now and again, I get my act together enough to remember that the Spirit doesn’t always come as a great wind or tongues of flame. The Spirit can be a gentle persistent breeze moving through and around the people we see on a regular basis.

When I remember to look carefully, I can see people using their Gifts for the Glory of God.

  • Our choir director seeks out inspirational music to lift our hearts and souls closer to God.
  • Our Sunday school teachers who work with both adults and children helping them to understand the Word of God.
  • The elders who sponsored our Confirmation students.
  • The ushers who keep our services running smoothly.
  • The man who comes with his son and maintains our gardens giving us places of quiet contemplation.
  • The woman who prepares coffee fellowship so that people linger and share.
  • The retired engineer who works to feed orphans in Haiti and shared his experiences with our congregation.
  • The physical therapist who talks to our seniors and other members, helping them understand what their doctors have told them.
  • The history buff who gets us together to visit special exhibits at the local history museum.
  • The elder who comes in the evening and replaces lights and makes repairs.
  • The woman preparing the annual quilt to be auctioned as a fund raiser.
  • The choir member who arranged for us to work at a local food pantry.

Look for the people who are Blessing the world with their talents.  Chances are they have been touched by the Spirit.

Then consider what the Spirit is moving you to do for the greater good. It may not be one huge thing, but a series of small actions that add up to make a difference.