“Donna Summer is dead,” my friend Alice lamented. “So soon after David Cassidy!”

“David Cassidy is not dead,” I argued. But Ann backed Alice up.

“No way. If David Cassidy were dead I would know it. IN MY HEART!” insisted Judy, rushing to confirm or deny the report on her Blackberry.

Judy and I were, of course, correct. David Cassidy isn’t dead. Alice and Ann confused him with Davy Jones. (Although how one confuses the cutest Monkee with the cutest Partridge, I’ll never know!) And we all had a big laugh.

That’s how it goes with sisterhood. You argue. You laugh. You love. I was reminded of the power of sisterhood this past weekend. I attended my silver anniversary college reunion — 25 years since graduation. You know what I noticed? We mix better now. There are no more divisions: Education majors and Music majors don’t have their own tables anymore. As we’ve grown up, we’ve grown together. Differences matter less or not at all.

What else I noticed: We are brave. Most of us have faced some pretty tough things in our lives by this point — illness or death of parents, our own health problems. And guess what? We are stronger now than we ever thought we might be. And the source of that strength is twofold: faith and sisterhood, our bonds on this earth and our bonds with our God, who sustains and carries us through good times and bad.

The two are linked, inexorably, for sisterhood is a gift from God. It is His way of embracing us in the very real and human way we so badly need. God made us flesh for a reason. Flesh is so very comforting. We need that comfort.

So there was a lot of hugging over the weekend, a lot of nearness. I know that there are people who are uncomfortable with the touch of others, and I feel for them. To touch and be touched is a reminder of our common humanity. We are all one. We are all connected. God made us so.

And so it is that the weekend passed. It was a powerful reminder of the power of sisterhood, a power that is different from other connections. There is, in our sharing with other women, a very real and concrete strengthening. God made us, men and women. Only sisters can authentically understand what it is to be a woman in the world today. And if those women are women of faith, the power they can have in our lives expands exponentially, limitlessly. God bless our sisters.