With Easter and Passover approaching, I’m reminded of the fact that I still don’t have a church or temple of my own to attend. To recap for newbies, I’m one of those spiritual but not religious types who can sometimes get under your skin with their out-there new-ageyness (to coin a phrase.)

I don’t belong to a specific religion, but I can sum up what I believe this way.
Plan A: Trust God. There’s no Plan B.

I subscribe to many blogs about faith and spirituality; some of them are Christian-oriented, while others are about more Patchouli-scented things like positive thinking and visualization.

One of those blogs has a post today that focuses on Christ’s resurrection, and as I read it, I found it uplifting and insightful. Then I realized it was an excerpt from a book written by a woman claiming to channel Jesus. And I just felt all hinky, as we say in Jersey.

With the hodge-podge of all the things I believe in – the Zen Buddhist idea that we are all connected, the Native American focus on nature, and the notion that all prayer, in any tongue, reaches God – I don’t know if I can legitimately throw a stone at someone who believes in God but also believes God actually speaks through her.

So where do we draw the line? Does every idea we express need to be scripturally sound? Can we accept that there might be more than one way to commune with God? How do we know who’s a charlatan and who’s a disciple?

I realize I’ve got more questions than answers here. There’s no way to wrap up this post neatly and say, here’s what’s true. I don’t always know what’s true, but I’m going to assume that if I get a hinky feeling from anyone or anything, I should just find my inspiration elsewhere.