What does it mean to a be community of love? Its something that I’ve been noodling over quite a bit this week and not just because it was the topic of Pastor Helen’s sermon last Sunday. I think that part of the reason that it has stuck in my mind so deeply is that there is such a great need in today’s world for God’s love.

Take a look at Ruth’s post this week. Two boys were thrown together as room mates. They may not have had a lot in common, but I’m sure they had some common ground. But all they saw were the differences and these differences became reasons to despise and attack.

But sometimes a lack of God’s love isn’t criminal although it is demoralizing. Take a look at Lori’s post.  Not only is there a lack of positive role models for women in the Catholic church, Catholic women are often left feeling like less than they should be. They aren’t built up. They aren’t cherished as daughters of God.

Yet Christians are called upon to create communities of love. “The Church is to be a community of love, where sin is forgiven, reconciliation is accomplished, and the dividing walls of hostility are torn down.” (The Calling of the Church, The Book of Order, PCUSA)

This may be what we are called upon to do, but so often it isn’t what we actually do. Instead scripture is used to build dividing walls. We spat with each other. We carry grudges.

Maybe that’s something we could try giving up for Lent. Any one have a grudge they’d like to lay aside?