You know how it goes. The busier we are, the less time we have to connect with friends and family. When I’m disconnected for too long, I feel adrift. Then I whine. I whine about no one calling me and asking me to do anything. Sometimes I whine at my husband. Sometimes I whine at God.

This was one of those weeks. I faced a Monday deadline, three Thursday deadlines and a Saturday deadline. Sunday I decided to take a break and touch base with my father.

“I’m taking you out to lunch Thursday,” he said.

“I can’t, Dad. I’ve got 3 deadlines on Thursday and that’s my short work day.”

“I don’t have any other plans. We’re doing lunch.”

Clearly, I wasn’t getting through, but I refused to commit. “I’ll give you a call on Wednesday and let you know if I’ve gotten enough done by then.”

How could I possibly fit it in?

We’ve established in the past that sometimes God has to send a message my way two or three times before it permeates the fog of my busy-ness. It wasn’t until later, after a particular phone call, that I realized this was communique #1 and, as usual, I missed it.

Monday, I left a message for a friend. He’s even busier than I am, but I knew he’d call back when he got a chance. Tuesday, I needed to get up from the computer and take a break so I called but didn’t leave a message.

About five minutes later, the phone rang. “I don’t have time to talk I’m right in the middle of Madrigal competition with my students but I didn’t want you to think I was blowing you off and I’ll call you tomorrow when I have a minute okay bye.”

First, I laughed. Then I really truly did receive message #2. No matter how ridiculously busy I am, I’m not in this alone. I have friends. People do reach out to me. And if the busiest person I know has time for a stream of conscious run on phone call in the middle of competitions, I can certainly fit in time for lunch.

After all, I’m dense, not completely clueless. God heard me, now its time for me to hear Him. But I am left wondering, one thing. How many times does God have to repeat himself because I send out pleas for help, but then don’t listen for an answer?

Probably more often than I realize.