The Holy Spirit has always been kind of a tough concept for me. God the Father and God the Son, those I can wrap my brain around, but God the Spirit? Not really. Or at least, not until recently.

The other day, I was out for one of my walks. Walks break up my writing day. They give me thinking time, moving time, time away from my computer and time in the sunshine. I’ve always felt closer to God after a walk although I’ve always been a little sketchy on why.

On this particular walk, I couldn’t help but notice the wind. It wasn’t a particular cold day, especially given that it is January, but a steady wind blew. Not hard, but I couldn’t miss the feel of it on my face or the sound as it whispered through the dry leaves that clung to the oak trees.

The wind was everywhere.

On Sunday, Pastor Helen preached on the Spirit and one thing that she said stood out. In both Hebrew and in Greek, the words for spirit and wind are one in the same.

I started thinking about God the Spirit being everywhere and in everything. Isn’t that easy to conceptualize when you think of God the Spirit as the wind? Although we don’t see the wind, it circles around and over everything. It moves things. It carries things to us. It changes and shapes the world we live in.

Just like the Holy Spirit.