Today was one of those days. You know. The ones in your nightmares.

“It’s already 5 after 7.”

My husband was across the hall waking up our son, but his words cut through my sleep and yanked me out of bed. 7:05. My son’s bus comes at 7:23. I was up in a flash and didn’t even detour to the bathroom. I had eggs and toast on the table at 7:12. By 7:24 he was out the door, but no other kids were in sight. I pulled off my pajama pants, pulled on yesterday’s jeans and we flew to school.

I sat there with my forehead on the steering wheel. When a woman tapped on my car window, I about jumped out of my skin. “School starts tomorrow.”


When we got home, I went back to bed, but it didn’t really help. After I got up – again – I got a phone call from an elderly family member. “I called the plumber like you said. They didn’t find roots in my lateral. It was leaves.”

“Okay, but the washer drains now without water backing up in the basement?”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t roots. It was leaves.”

Got it. I was wrong.


But my biggest mistake of the day? Agonizing over the fact that I had made those earlier mistakes. Grossing over the fact that other people were judging me.

We judge when people don’t live up to our standards. Sometimes those people are us. Sometimes it is someone else. In my not-so-humble opinion, it comes about because we expect perfection.

Here’s a little hint. Only God is perfect.

And until you accept that fact, you are going to have some really trying days. Ask me how I know.