Microsoft clip artToday was the last Sunday before Christmas.  Today we lit the candle of Peace.

Interestingly enough, the word that was translated as peace doesn’t mean peace in the way that we most often think of it.  It isn’t so much an absence of war as it is a sense of completeness and contentment in our relationships.  It is a call for connected-ness and community.

Now, I know that everyone reading this is super busy this week.  No matter how simple you keep your Christmas celebration, there are simply things that need to be done, chores that can’t be put off and a certain number of things that must be accomplished.

Still, I am going to ask you to add one thing to your list this week.  In the name of Christmas Peace, what can you do to connect with someone this week?  Perhaps there is someone you’ve not heard from in a while that you considered dropping off your Christmas card list.  Or maybe someone hasn’t been feeling well and phone call could cheer him up.

Pick one simple task that you can complete, start to finish, and do so with the sense of Light and Joy and Hope that comes from the Prince of Peace.