At a family reunion years ago, I ran into a distant relative and we chatted.  She was honest about her struggles with drugs and alcohol, and started to launch into her very personal, very painful story, but then stopped herself all at once.

“That was another time.  Today is a good day,” she concluded, and we went over to the buffet to browse.

Maybe that’s a key to life.  Editing your own story into a Reader’s Digest condensed version that ends on a grace note.

Psalms 118 contains the famous passage:  “This is the day the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” (NKJV). But if you look at the whole Psalm, it’s amazing how many horrible things the writer had gone through.  And still, he ends up saying, ‘This is a good day.’

As for me, whenever I talk about troubles, I find that I fall into a bit of a funk.  So instead I cut to the chase.  Different eras would have unique taglines.

When I first found faith a few years ago:

Don’t know where I’m going.  God said, ‘just go.’

When I messed up royally and didn’t know if I’d find my way back:

Cast my pearls before swine.  God forgave me and cleaned me up.

When I went through more than I thought I could bear:

Been through a few things.  God’s grace brought me through.

There’s a reason that this verse is in the present tense – “This is the day the Lord has made” – because that way, we may remember to trust God right where we are.  Don’t know what tomorrow may hold.  But I know Who holds tomorrow.