This  fall, I joined the Lydia’s Circle at Florissant Presbyterian Church.  Why?  Sometimes I feel like the only women I know well are my fellow choir members and the women who come to book club or prayer group.  I wanted to widen my circle a bit and this seemed like a good way to do it.

What I didn’t expect, and still haven’t entirely deciphered, are the various offerings they collect.  I may not have deciphered all of them, but I have latched on to one of them – the Thanks Offering.

Whenever I am thankful for something, I fish out a coin and drop it into my Thanks Bank.  I also send up a prayer of thanks.  So far I’ve added coins into my bank for:

  • a rainy morning when I got to sleep in,
  • an afternoon spent on the sofa reading a good book,
  • having to make room on the sofa for my son and his book,
  • Indian summer and a second set of blooms from my clematis,
  • a good choir rehearsal,
  • a hug from a friend,
  • getting family photos hung in the living room,
  • a note from my editor that she is taking my book manuscript to committee.

Blessings big and blessings small. They’re there. Sometimes we just need to remember to count them.