Last year was crazy/busy for me.  Some days, three writing deadlines fell on one day and my clients needed my full attention.  At the same time, my son was in distress and needed my full attention.  To boot, my dog was sick and needed my full attention.  Finally I realized, God was trying to get my attention.

With all the deadlines and life changes last year, God taught me how to work.  He showed me that it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you stop asking “why?” and simply keep going.

All the while I thought I was carrying everyone in the family and the weight of the world, and it turns out Someone was carrying me.

If last year was about learning to persevere, this year is about learning to listen for God’s leading.  Even though it doesn’t seem like an actual skill, now I’m learning how to wait.  I’m not sure where this path is taking me, but what God’s telling me is that in the interim, I should situate.  That is:  Sit.  You wait.  I’ll tell you when it’s time.  For now, breathe. Restore your soul.  Be in repose.  It’s not time for the next step yet, so wait on Me and pray.

So for now, I’ll hold my horses.  Cool my jets.  Put the car into idle.  If that’s what it takes to get wherever I’m going, it’s time to be still and situate.