I admit it. I used to feel guilty about praying “too much.” God surely had to be sick of hearing from me all the time. I can imagine Him rolling his eyes (heavenward? How does one roll one’s eyes when one is in heaven?) and thinking, “Not her again!” Seriously, with all the noise he must be getting from sports fans, why on earth would He want to hear from me?

I came to the conclusion that prayer isn’t something we do for God at all; it’s something we do for ourselves. After all, God already knows what we want. He doesn’t need to hear it. So why do we do it? For us — to prioritize our needs, to solidify our hopes and wishes, to be in touch with our emotions. Or, that’s what I thought.

It took my perceptive friend Karen to right my wrong thinking. What if, she posited, we do share a sort of Jungian shared unconsciousness? Putting positive, prayerful thoughts out there would certainly add to the positivity of the universe. It would be like doing God’s work. And surely He wants/needs that.

Dang! She’s right! We share this world. Putting positive, hopeful, prayerful words out there can only add good things to our shared collectivity. Prayers paint the world a cheerier color. They further the cause of hope against despair. You cannot pray too much. To refute this would be like saying you can smile too much. Not possible. Love is the “It” of this world, the be-all and end-all; anything that adds to it is to be encouraged.

So pray away! I, for one, won’t be feeling guilty about it anymore.