Here is my gentle disclaimer for what you are about to read.  I’m going to use the word “Hell” a few times to make a point.

In her post last week, Lori wrote of feeling angry about some things going on in her life, but took great care to say she was not mad at God.

SueBE commented on Lori’s post that she’s not really mad at God, just stressed and mad in general.

So, here’s my take on it.  Would it be such a terrible thing to express that you are mad at God?

There’s a scene in the movie “Gladiator” (not a family film, FYI) in which the main character, a Roman army general, tells a soldier to wait briefly and then release his faithful dog – named “Hell” – as the fighting began.

I’d like to suggest that we admit it:  we all get mad at God on occasion.  He can take it.  And if He already knows what’s in our hearts, we’re not keeping it from Him anyway.  Why not just say it directly?  Keeping it inside doesn’t mean you’re dealing with it.  It just means you’re bottling up that confusion, frustration and sadness, and that you hurt like Hell.

You love your husband, but you get mad at him sometimes.  You understand that it’s just part of life, and it’s even healthy to express what is making you angry.

Why can’t we do this with the most important One in our lives?  Tell it like it is.  Get it off your chest.  Speak from the heart.

Once you get the Hell out of the way, you’ll be much closer to Heaven.  Don’t wait even five minutes longer.  I think the time is now.  Unleash what’s inside, and clear the space for grace.