Through the years, I’ve been to my local donut shop a couple of times.  Okay, maybe more than a couple of times.  Okay, maybe so many times that I know the secret to getting the fresh donuts – look for the pink wax paper…the stale ones are on white paper.

So I’ve chatted with the manager there many times and he’s always been perfectly pleasant.  He looks a bit like Bela Lugosi (those under forty, please Google this reference), but always seemed amiable enough. Then one day, I came in with my son and a couple of his friends and ordered a dozen donuts.

The normally placid manager tensed up like Dracula at a Turtleneck Convention, waiting for the critical decision-making process to finish.  It took all of three minutes, but there were pauses, ummms, and no, no, not that one, Ma, the marble!  He didn’t say anything to show his displeasure, but his usual stream of “Hot enough for ya?” and  “Some kinda traffic today, huh?” dried up completely and he stood stock still, as if each millisecond it took for these kids to make a choice was cutting into his profits.

“Big decision,” I said, smiling. “Gotta make sure to pick the right one.” No reaction at all. I considered putting a mirror under “Vlad’s” nose to see if he was still breathing, but then I realized – if he didn’t have a reflection, we’d probably need to fight to the death. And who has time?

There was no line behind us.  In fact, the entire store was empty except for us.  The boys were perfectly well-behaved, using their indoor voices.  They had no lizards or worms in their pockets (that I know of.)  So what’s with the bum’s rush?  Vampire or vacuum salesman, whenever products are being sold, they want you to buy something.  Get the sale and get ‘em out.

Make sure that when you try to share what you believe with anyone – living or undead – that you’re not handing anyone a bill of goods. Knowing God doesn’t solve all your problems.  Might even bring up some new ones.  But being an example by being courteous even when people forget their manners is one way to spread the word.  Sure beats silver bullets and wooden stakes, and the benefits (peace that travels with you, sense of purpose in life, connectedness to the divine) are out of this world.