I’ve become resigned to it: We’re never gonna figure it out. Not while we’re here on earth, anyway. How does anyone make sense of tragedies, senseless deaths, injustice? There are those who would say it’s a matter of perspective; squint your eyes and look sideways and you’ll see God’s hand in everything.


No one is enlightened enough to look at 9/11 (for instance) and see God’s hand, unless the God you worship is the sometimes-bully of the Old Testament, obsessed with smiting, drowning rain, and turning people into pillars of salt for looking over their shoulders. No all-loving and all-merciful God wants people to hurt.

I prefer to believe that when bad things happen, God grieves with us and sends us strength to keep going. Maybe someday, if I’m lucky enough to join Him in Paradise, I’ll see a bigger picture.

But for now, I do believe in tragedy. I do, I do, I do.