I’ve long felt that my ministry is to encourage others to pursue their dreams.  Life has led me to people on that path and I’ve felt privileged to be able to cheer them on.

A friend sent me a card thanking me for encouraging her to pursue her dream of writing for faith-based outlets.  She’s doing it, and finding soul-enriching and wallet-filling gigs.  A computer repairman told me his dream was to have his own business – I gave him the ole Ruth Rockne speech and told him to go for it.  He sent me a grateful email the other day to let me know that he had taken the plunge and started his own consulting firm.

These things should put me in a positive frame of mind, but somehow it left me feeling… I don’t know, left behind.  As if I’ve poured my energies into other peoples’ dreams, but feel like no one’s cheering me on.

Considering all the deadlines I needed to check off my list today, I started the day with prayer.  I asked God for a sign that I’m on the right track.  What is my true calling?  How should I use my gifts?  Where will I find the zhoozh, the mojo, the oomph to keep going?

Then I opened my email this morning.  I got a very clear nudge from above that I’m on the right track.  A great blog I subscribe to, “faith sweat & tears,” sent this prayer prompt:  “Are you an encourager? Find an opportunity today to lift up someone’s spirits.”

Some days I’m thick as brick, but the message got through:  keep lifting people up.  Oddly enough, I felt lifted up by that realization.  You know what, people?  You can do it. And now I know like I know:  so can I.