Once in a while, I’m a little dense.  Then there are those other days when I’m black hole dense.  Apparently, last  Monday was one of those days.

First my son forgot to make sure that he had a towel in his swim bag.  After practice, he had to borrow the end of a friend’s towel and use the hand dryer in the locker room.  I refused to take the blame and laid it right back in his lap.

Then, as soon as I started working, he announced that he couldn’t find his team suit for that night’s meet.  Really?  You’d have to look to find it.  Nope.  Still, no luck.  I was less than kind when I handed it to him and then let him fold a large portion of the laundry that had masked its presence.

Let’s just say that by the time he was in la-la-land and didn’t even hear the call to his last event at the meet, I had had it. Big time.  It wasn’t entirely his fault – they had canceled his lane.  But if he had been paying attention, he would have been able to tell me that when I asked him why he wasn’t getting ready to swim.  Instead, he ran around like the proverbial chicken.

The next day, storms cancelled practice.  Hallelujah!   I could get to work early, get done early, and he could attempt to find his brain.  Because I so was not going to put up with another one of those days.

Plopping down in my chair, I pulled out my list of deadlines.  July 15th – check.  I’m working on that one.  July 1st – under control.  I had to get just a bit more information and then I could rough that one out.  July 1st . . .

July 1st?

Didn’t I just look at that one?


I had completely – as in entirely – overlooked a deadline.  I knew I had to write the article but hadn’t taken note of when it was due.  I usually start these things at least three weeks in advance.  Not a week and a half.  How could I be so stupid?

Oh, I get it.

Just to make sure, I told a friend.  He groaned.  “You know,”  he said.  “God’s got quite a sense of humor.  Sorry.”

Yep.  That’s what I thought.

But seriously, a more subtle lesson would have worked.

I’m almost sure of it.