When the phone rang on Easter Eve, my husband answered it and then relayed the message.  “Cancelled?  You can’t cancel Easter at 9:15 the night before,” I said.  What was my sister thinking? They’d had no power since Friday night’s storm and she waited over 24 hours to mention it? In my saner moments, I know that she was waiting and hoping.  Waiting for the power to come back on.  Hoping she could do Easter as planned.

But the fact of the matter is that we Bradford girls are a bit goal oriented.  There may be upsides to this trait, but the downside is that we don’t change direction gracefully.  We’re more than a tiny bit controlling when it comes to our goals. Re-aiming us is like steering the Titanic.  Or a planet.

My goals for Easter had not included having everyone over with so little notice, but I was gamely switching gears, considering the possibilities.  What did I have in the freezer?  Chicken nuggets?  Hash browns? This was not going to be pretty.

While I panicked, my husband got his car keys.  “I’ll see if I can get a ham and some kind of cheesecake thing.”  And with no more plan than that, he headed to the store.  Me?  I panicked for a while longer then called a girl friend and whined.

When he returned, the bags yielded a ham, salad fixings, fresh grapes, the last frozen cheesecake in the store, macaroni (for my sister the vegetarian), and cheese to make said mac and cheese.  The fresh green beans I hadn’t made earlier in the week would round out the meal and with no more planning than that, we had a solution.  But I had to admit, it was more his solution than mine.  Left to my own devices, I’d still have been whining.

This whole situation has made me wonder – how often, when a situation seems hopeless, is the problem my focus?  What if I could just shift my gaze to God?  To the help He’s already sent my way?  What if, instead of whining, my prayers were simply to turn the problem, and the solution, over to Him?  What if I simply trusted Him to send the help I need as He so often does?  Clearly, He knew which of us would best handle the Easter Eve phone call.