On Good Friday, my community was hit by a tornado.  It tore through a 22-mile-long strip of homes, businesses, schools and churches.  St. Louis’s Lambert International Airport was shut down.  Homes were lost.  Others were damaged.

But there was a miracle in the midst of all this destruction.  No one was killed.

A tornado alert had just ended.  People were coming up out of their basements.  And then the tornado hit.  Yet no one was killed.

Why did God send a tornado on Good Friday?  What message was He trying to send?

Frankly,  I know people are asking those questions, but I don’t buy into that.  Its Spring.  Tornados happen, especially when you live in a region with a nickname like Tornado Alley.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t learn when something like this happens.  I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the generosity of their neighbors.  The members of a church that lost its roof refused to accept pity.  They clearly stated to the reporter that what was damaged was just a building – the Church is still standing.

I’d like to invite the online Faith community to pray for the residents of Ferguson, Bridgeton and Maryland Heights, Missouri.  Please pray for the workers who are clearing debris, tending the injured and working to restore power.  There was a great deal of misery on Good Friday.

Then Praise God for the gifts He has given us all.  For they are many and Easter has come.