Is there really power in prayer?  Must we pray using certain, circumscribed words?  Can prayer make a difference in your life?

This is the first post of our new blog, and we’d like to welcome you with open arms.  Here, we’ll post blogs and prayers that convey a sense of the sacred and spiritual in our lives, and try to impart wisdom as we find it along the path.

We come from different backgrounds and religions, but all of us seek to honor the divine and encourage our fellow travelers.  Making prayer part of a daily routine provides certain net benefits:  studies have shown prayer to lower blood pressure and instill a sense of calm; it’s a way of declaring your intentions for the day to yourself and to the Universe; and we believe prayer can actually change things for the better.

So come join us in a virtual prayer circle, as we pray our way through the day, and through our lives.  It’s nice to have you join us on this journey.

Peace & Blessings.